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  1. aragorn

    aragorn "Stick a V8 in it!" Staff Member Moderator VCDS Map User

    Guys it really has to be said that this is becoming a joke. Its not like its happening now and then, its been down about 3 times in the last week or so for extended periods not to mention the continual random errors that occur when its not down.

    I asked about this quite a few months back and was told it was in hand and that it would be fixed soon, well its clearly not in hand is it? Its still running on the same machine at the same hosting company that its been on since ive been using the site.

    It would cost you about £20 a month for a Dedicated machine in the UK with a dualcore CPU, 2gb of ram and plenty of disk to run this site on, i'm pretty sure your paying at least that, if not a good bit more for the crappy VPS the site is currently running on, and it seems to me that all the errors are stemming from the existing server running out of memory...

    Its not a big job to lift the entire site and drop it onto a new machine, so what's the hold up?

    Sorry if this seems a bit harsh, but this needs fixed.
  2. jojo

    jojo Looking for Boost! Staff Member Moderator Team Daytona Audi S3 quattro Audi A6 Audi Avant Owner Group

    Yup, seems to be quite a common occurance these days, and quite frustrating too.
  3. JohnS3

    JohnS3 Active Member

    Could a site admin/forum owner comment please?

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