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Downpipe thoughts

garythedrummer Jan 28, 2013

  1. garythedrummer

    garythedrummer New Member

    Rite guys how are you all doing? My car is booked in to BCS automotive tomorrow too have a 76mm down-pipe fitted and i cannot decide weather to have a de-cat, 100 cell or 200 cell cat.

    My main goals in modifying the car are to increase performance much as possible whilst maintaining the origonal clucthes integrity (i seem to have an extremley strong one, however stage 2 power figures will be my MAX) and also retain as much low end torque as possible in order try and reduce fuel costs (yes i know most people with an S3 do not care for such isssues, however i crave efficiency) and increase my MPG.

    Currently have APR stage 1 remap and stock air filter (i was told the stock item helps retain low end torque due to lower fuel trim value) please see link:


    My Questions to the ASN 8p community are: what variation of the down-pipe/cat will give me the most low end torque, Will the variance in the torque between the cat/de-cat options even noticeable (in terms of MPG) and how much will this sacrifice the approximate 20bhp gain from the large bore down-pipe?

    Thank you in advance

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