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Downpipe Nightmare

ant schof Apr 14, 2013

  1. ant schof

    ant schof Member

    Hi all ,
    Having a bit of trouble with my down pipe fitting on my 02 plate S3, long story short i've had my turbo replaced and manifold , had the original down pipe and cats cut off as they were rusty as hell , and supplied a piper werx 3inch down pipe and sports cat . The problem now after the subframe was refitted is the flexi joint of the down pipe is literally hitting the subframe no clearance whatsoever ! Can't even fit the bolt on , hanging bracket underneath it . Spoke to pipe werx they say they've never had a problem and must be a fitment issue , the mechanic working on the car teels me theres no room for adjustment ! And i'm piggy in the middle , doh . The cars at the garage at the minute and i hav'nt been able to take photos as yet . Anyone come across this problem , i know the 3inch DP is tight but should'nt rest on the subframe , any input much apreciated . Also been thinking could this be caused by a worn or twisted engine mount ??

    Last edited: Apr 14, 2013
  2. superkarl

    superkarl MAN OF STEEL

    There not much advice people can give here other than keep trying.

    Pipeworx have always been good fitment tho. You will never have more than 10mm clearence so remember that. Undo your dogbone mount. What turbo and manifold is it?
  3. ant schof

    ant schof Member

    Hi superkarl , should the bolt on hanger bracket fit back onto the subframe under the flexi part of the DP or does it need cutting / modifying , and should i be thinking of replacing top engine and gearbox mounts , its a standard oe manni and K04 023 turbo , many thanks

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