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Double din?

copperband Apr 21, 2007

  1. copperband

    copperband Member

    Apologies for the obviousa question and my lack of abilaity to find this out for myself but does the S3 come with a single or double din head unit as standard on the latest model?
    I haven't paid for any upgrade on the ICE as I want to upgrade it with my own kit.

  2. h5djr

    h5djr Well-Known Member VCDS Map User Gold Supporter quattro Audi A3

    All new A3s including the S3 now come with a double-din unit in the facia. The standard for the S3 is the Concert III unit which is a front-loading single CD player with MP3 file compatibility. This can be upgraded to a Symphony III unit which is an integrated 6-CD changer with MP3 file compatibility. The current cost of the upgrade from Concert III to Symphony III is £355.00
  3. copperband

    copperband Member

  4. Plank

    Plank Member

    Concert III is superb.

    Beware if swapping the head unit - the speakers on the Concert III are "active" - i.e. they are designed to work from the amp built into the boot, next to the subwoofer. If you swap HU, not sure whether you'd be able to get any/all of the speakers working...
  5. copperband

    copperband Member

    It sounds like the stock Audi system is quite good then if they go as far as adding an amp and Sub! I would plan to either remove those bits altogether or just leave them where they are unused.
    I am not exacactly going for the "rude boy" speakers everywhere set up but I will be changing the following:

    New HU either current Pioneer single din or new unit double din?
    DAB module for above
    Front mids and tweeters with an amp to drive them.
    Rears left as standard,driven by new HU
    Sub in Boot driven by seperate amp

    Can anyone see any big problems with this?

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