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Double Din Finally Finished!!

russwuss Apr 4, 2013

  1. russwuss

    russwuss Active Member

    Thought I'd make a quick thread to write up what parts were needed so its easier for others to find in the future
    Car is a 51 plate, facelift non Bose (rear amped) symphonyII S3

    Had to buy:
    5amp 2m wire to run from fuse box to back of stereo to use as a ign live (I used the climate control wiring as its activated when the ignition is on)
    PC9-404 wiring harness - amazon
    PC5-52 aerial amplifier - amazon
    DFP-05-07 A4 fascia (needs sanding down on bottom and a little both sides at the top) - eBay
    Audi/VW radio keys - amazon

    So far working brilliantly.. Very happy - few pics to show finished product!
    Hope this helps someone in the future..

    Untitled by adamleerusse, on Flickr

    Untitled by adamleerusse, on Flickr
  2. Stutibs

    Stutibs Member

    Top man I want to do this to mine, however I have Bose and worried about it any tips?
  3. Lemon S3

    Lemon S3 Alex

    It does look quite good, but at the same time there does seem to be a few gaps n doesn't look like it fits properly.
  4. russwuss

    russwuss Active Member

    Oh yeah don't get me wrong it doesn't look brilliant at the moment, but everything works.
    the stereo itself was too small for the double din fascia.. So the cage isn't quiet at the button.

    the surround goes to a point in the middle as well, which makes it look bent at the top.

    sorry, I have no idea for the Bose system.. I know tufty was selling the Bose adapter I think whilst I was wiring mine up if this helps..

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