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Double DIN Conversion

IngenLimits Mar 12, 2007

  1. IngenLimits

    IngenLimits Lost in Norway

    Hello people!

    I have been reading on these forums a while, and also Ive searched the forums up and down considering my questions topic, How do I, and What parts do I need to convert my dashboard center to a Double din one from the newer models.

    First of all, Ive found many good topics on this subject, but I havent found any good ones based on us having manual heat controls (Those 3 circular things to twist), only found for those who has a digital climate control.

    Ill attach a picture of my cars interior (Old picture tho), and I do hope that some kind soul out there know what I need and need to do to get room for a double din Player or navigation unit from Audi?

    What I am looking for is part numbers, possible prices and a small how-to / tips to get it all together.

    I thank you very much for this, I appreciate it.

    Ps, if my english grammar sucks, its because Im from Norway. :)

    Well, since I'm not allowed by the board to post a picture due to my lack of posts on this board, Ill attach it like this:

  2. IngenLimits

    IngenLimits Lost in Norway

    I really need this.. :)

    Thank you.
  3. mordz

    mordz Audi S3 (2000)

    i recieved all the parts last week, can read them off for you.

    but all i did is call vag parts and explain i was doing a dbl din conversion.

    you will need the console, dbl din cage, new switches, new climate unit that will fit the same plugs as yours. + the facia for the switches.

    Sorry - read your post too quick, i guessed you wanted a conversion for digital controls not manual.
  4. Stewart

    Stewart Member

    No, you dont need new switches, console or climate unit.

    All you need is the double din cage, do a search the part number IS IN HERE somewhere.

    The climate fascia needs to be trimmed down slightly as you move it down, as the console narrows slightly. You remove the cubby hole compartment obviously.

    I and a few other members have done this successfully.

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