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door puddle and red warning lights on door card.

LCY CAB Feb 10, 2009

  1. LCY CAB

    LCY CAB New Member

    Hi all,
    new to a s net. looks absolutely brilliant!. Recently purchased a 55 plate A3 2.0Tdi sport sportback. Had cloth interior, but managed to get hold of a complete half leather/alcantara int, with the door cards. Door cards have the above in the title but my originals didn't, they have the complete looms in and are all wired up plugged in and ready to go. Have been told i have to have the function turned on via VAG-COM for these to work.

    Can anyone tell me, is there anyone in the Essex area, specifically basildon, canvey, southend, those sort of areas that could help me with this please?.

    Any help would be much appreciated.

  2. pns2007

    pns2007 Moonstone Grey VCDS Map User

    Check out the thread below


    I have done this and bought the looms off Robin A3.

    I know you don't need the looms but the thread shops how to plug and play and what vcds settings are required
  3. LCY CAB

    LCY CAB New Member

    many thanks for the prompt reply, unlike mine!, been a little busy at work.
    Did read the thread previous to posting, very good indeed!, and some usefull info!.

    Know it's a little short notice but is there anyone that could help me out with this as soon as in the Essex area please????.
    Dont mind travelling a little if we can get the job done.

    Any help much appreciated please.
    Many thanks,

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