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door lock??

smudgy57 Sep 18, 2004

  1. smudgy57

    smudgy57 Member

    my drivers side door lock on my s3 is playing up!! at least once a day when i shut the door the interior light stays on and the dash tells me my door is still open!! also when i get out of the car, it will lock but wont alarm because it thinks the door is still open. audi told me i need a new door lock, and quoted me £300 to supply and fit a new one. this to me sounds a bit steep, after the weekend i will contact VAG.com to see if they can order me one in or on the other hand i have been offered a second hand door from an s3 for £150, so i can dismantle it and change over the door locks. before i decide to go ahead and buy one or the other and do it myself, im worried if it is going to be a tricky job!!! has anybody taken a door apart preferbaly an s3, if so is there a million and one screws and bits inside or are they pretty straight forward...any advice would be great as im completely lost. thanks
  2. imported_2252si

    imported_2252si Guest

    Is there no switch that operates when the door closes. The door will push against this when closed and turn the light off.

    The connections may need a clean at the back, it may be a bad earth.

    I had same fault on a rover a few years ago. when raining the water was getting into the switch.

    Try disconnecting the switch first to see if the problem still occurs.

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