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door lock......

smudgy57 Aug 20, 2004

  1. smudgy57

    smudgy57 Member

    i have come across that common problem!!!! when ever its warm outside the dash tells me my drivers door is still open when i know its well and truly shut. all i have done so far is sprayed some contact cleaner into the door locking mechanism bit, but has done nothing! i was at the stealers today getting my brake fluid done and asked them to have a look, they said i need a new locking mechanism which will cost in parts and labour £295.00, well **** mine!! i am not paying that just for a little fault like that, does anyone know a way round this, mabye try and fix it myself. im no mechanic but if i can save myself £300 i will try anything. its only a minor fault but a pain in the rse every time i get in the car i have to turn the centre light off and press the reset button under the right stalk and be left with the 2 little passenger lights on in the back........any help would be greatfull

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