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Door lock, windows fault

- May 23, 2005

  1. Guest

    Went out shopping and tried to lock the doors, but the drivers door wont lock, nor will the windows open, and the interior light wont go out. The door will lock with the key but not the remote.

    Any ideas as to the fault?

    Taking it to audi tommorrow morning and see what they come up with, need it fixed by thursday as its in the autotrader.
  2. CJ A4

    CJ A4 Active Member

    Have you checked the fuses....strange that so many things have gone wrong at the same time...i would definatley check all your fuses first mate.
  3. mikeA2B

    mikeA2B Member

    Hi, If its not your fuse it could be the convenience module, which controls your alarm, interior lights, windows and locks, its located in the passenger floorwell and are notorious for playing up you may need to check your car with VAG-Com, if it is this then it will cost a few hundred quid and you will need to have your keyfobs re-set with VAG-COM.

    I had a similar problem, altho my alarm was going off all the time and the windows had a mind of their own.

    Hope its your fuse!

  4. Guest

    Turns out its not the window motor and the ecu now, its the wiring loom.

    So its not going to be ready till tuesday now. I'm sure they just make up the faults so that they can charge you and arm and a leg!!!
  5. Guest

    Got the car back yesterday, all sorted, it was the wiring loom. They also did a good job of cleaning it esp' the wheels.

    Quite pleased with the service provided which isn't that common with the dealers!!

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