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Door blade removal

S3_Olly Jul 30, 2012

  1. S3_Olly

    S3_Olly Full Throttle

    I have just tempted the door blade removal which lead to drilling the screws out unfortunatley the white plastic strips have snapped does anyone know if you can buy these strips or if there is an alternative fix.
    i have tried audi and they dont even have a clue what im talking about, i just want to get these cleaned up and back on the car as quick as possible.

    Thanks Olly
  2. Scullies

    Scullies Well-Known Member

    if you cant find the clips, you are going to have to glue them on. You can use some sika flex or simpson construction silicone, 4 or 5 pea size dots along the blade will be more than enough. Use some masking tape to hold in position while the silicone dries. Be warned, if you use this silicone it will be very difficult to remove the blades in the future but they sure wont fall off!!

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