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D'oh, I Hit A Car.

mspah Aug 30, 2004

  1. mspah

    mspah Member

    Hey all,

    Last night i accidently reversed into a Jag X-Type, ""BIG BEEP"". Unfortunately, no one was in the car at the time, But i have dented my rear left side of the bumper and the left side of the boot lid, and dented his right passenger door. Obviously, it going to be an insurance claim, just wondering how much you guys recon it's gonna cost.

    As you could tell i wasn't too impressed as i was looking to buy an S3 or Seat Leon Cupra R in november.

    Anyway such is life.

  2. lol. Unlucky. Well probably new door for the jag...unless its a small dint which can be pulled out of the door...probbaly not tho, so more than likely a door..which is gonna be around 400quid..probably (dont really know Jags but at the end of the day...its a posh Rover now init!!) Then theres the respray, for the door, which could cos around 200quid...assuming its metalic paint... This could be a bit on the cheap side...but as its on insurance....who cares??? lol.

    In respect to your car..even if u have cracked the bumper, it should be able to be fixed with a hot wire (parents had it done on their car) a lot cheaper than a new bumper. Also depending on the boot (hatch i assume?) then it could cost a bit. If its small enough or not really "bad" then it MAY be a simple case of pullin out the dent. if not, then it can be half pulled out, and filled to look new....not really the best option mind. Looking at a new boot door would be the most expensive obviously..probbaly around 500quid...seeming its an Audi lol. Best to get a quote at audi i you have fully comp, and let them fix it all proper. If not..find a good body repair shop!
  3. ScottyKemp

    ScottyKemp Member

    Unlucky Should of driven off LOL ! No doubt some sh!t would do the same to you !
  4. imported_Tariq

    imported_Tariq Guest

    i've got a black rear a3 bumper for sale if your interested for 120 including p&p

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