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Dogbone mount bolt keep turning

harps21k Feb 4, 2012

  1. harps21k

    harps21k Member


    I been getting a slight knocking noise when taking off, so decided to check the dogbone engine mount (rear engine mount). Noticed that that the middle bolt, which goes into the gear box kept turning when I was trying to tighten the bolt.

    When my clutch was done my old mechanic must have cross threaded the coils inside the gearbox. The bolt threads look ok, but the coil inside the gearbox looks threaded. I spoke to my friends dad who is also VW mechanic, he suggested that I might need a hollo-coil to insert into the hole in the gearbox, so the dogbone mount bolt will grip and tighten.

    I was wonder if anyone knows where I could get this hollo-coil from and if anyone else has had a similar issue. Any suggestion would be helpful on how I can fix this.
  2. mrj0ey

    mrj0ey Member

    You can buy the stuff yourself for about £25, or get garage to do it.....I helicoiled my dog bone threads as they were wearing out...once done they are stronger than original......garage will charge about £30-£40....easy job on ramps, easyish on axle stands.....I like tools so bought the stuff myself, can't remember what size it is but just go on ebay and buys kit, and audi for a new bolt.
  3. Prawn

    Prawn My other car is a MINI!!!!

    I think its m10 or m12 thread mate, take the bolt out and measure it.

    I bought a kit on eBay for £20, took 15 mins to fix :)
  4. rich4130

    rich4130 Member

    As above, pretty easily threaded also!
  5. harps21k

    harps21k Member

    Sorry for te late reply... Just been having fun in the snow with my S3...
    I will see if I can find the kit on eBay... Seems like a good tool to buy...

    Thanks guys

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