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  1. richie_jones

    richie_jones Member

    Just a couple of questions cheers..

    1, The dog guard with intergrated boot cover, how do i remove this, can`t see and tabs to pull or levers anywhere, Its really heavy and i`d like to remove it.

    2, I coded for central locking when at 5mph the doors lock and when you take turn the engine off and take key out doors unlock, this has worked great for a couple of years but now the rear doors don`t unlock untill you press the unlock button and the remote again, could this be the solinoids, weird that its both doors though.

    3, My undertray covers have all come off over the years , badly coroded bolts and fixings, how important are they and should i invest paying a garage to put them back on..

    Thanks for your time people....
  2. quattrojames

    quattrojames Moderator Staff Member Moderator Audi A6 Audi Avant Owner Group

    1. Drop the seat backs and slide it out the rear drivers side door, you'll see how when you try it.

    2. Don't know on the doors, do you have VAGcom to re enable it?

    3. My personal opinion is that they're supposed to be there so it's worth putting them back. The covers are plastic, so as long as they're undamaged you'll just need a selection of the quick release screws to refit them.
  3. richie_jones

    richie_jones Member


    1. I was struggling trying to remove it with the seats up!!!

    2. I think its still enabled in vag com as the doors try to unlock its as iff it just needs one more try to completely unlock

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