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Dog Bone Mount and Porsche Cayenne S brakes

fasteddie Aug 11, 2005

  1. fasteddie

    fasteddie Member

    2 questions, I have read a lot about the DBM how hard it is etc but that it calms down. I experienced a LOT of movement Kev can testify to this we both thought the mount had broken but it went in for its service when we got back from the ring and they confirm that is not only OK but superb, all mount check out great etc etc. So I have read up on the up-grades (powerflex looks favourite). So thoughts and experinces on this would be good, is it going to stop this throw (or lessen it) how easy is it to replace etc.
    The second question concerns the Brembo calipers fitted to the Porsche Cayenne S, they look lovely, I want to know if calipers are tuned for weight rather than speed (and therefore no good for my aplication), if adapters are readily available for such an upgrade and how much the adaptors / disks would be. I am running 17's so disk size is limited.

    Thanking you muchly
  2. s3bow

    s3bow Member

    I've got the dogbone mount on my car to help restrain the engine movement because the 3" d/p was hitting the bulkhead. Seems to do the trick. Thing is with the powerflex item, it doesn't come with the bush on the end of the arm. Only the neoprene mount. What about the ECS or EIP versions ?
    Talking of ECS, they use Cayenne calipers in one of their kits, but won't sell you the adapters seperately.

  3. Khufu

    Khufu Well-Known Member

    the DBM is easy to replace, especially if you have a ramp. You can feel a bit more vibaration but I didnt think it bad in any way. It makes the engine seem more powerful when you start it LOL
  4. fasteddie

    fasteddie Member


    I take it the DBM is under the engine then?
    So if they are being used in brake kits for the S3, how do people rate them as an upgrade compared to other calipers?
  5. ELIASGK74

    ELIASGK74 Member

    khufu is right about the vibration.
    About calipers ,i am using stage 5 of ecs and its great.You have to know that caliper is lighter than oem but rotors are heavier(358x32).You will need 18' for this kit.
  6. SyA3Turbo

    SyA3Turbo Member

    To be honest i felt almost no vibration through the wheel but im used to cars with solid mounts so the audi feels refined. With the powerflex mount i can still feel lots of movement through the gearstick, it does reduce the amount of movement but not enough that i'll be sticking with it.

    Im going for the VF engineering mount soon. Its a bit more solid than the powerflex item.

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