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Does your TDI DSG .....

ashurz Jun 17, 2008

  1. ashurz

    ashurz New Member

    Not long having my 2004 A3 140 tdi DSG (done 40k), i love the car and the dsg but it just doesn't fill me with confidence !!

    I've recently has the oil changed on it 2000 miles ago but when driving at a constant speed in various gears i find the rev counter bouncing slightly even tho the throttle is steady .. is this characteristic of the DSG's or do i have some problem ?

    And when i@ idle the rev's bounce about a bit and just blips back up before a stall. this does it every now and again, am i right to think that may be a coolant sensor ? (just what ive seen other posts)

  2. bacardi

    bacardi Active Member

    mine doesnt do this, think there may be something amiss with yours...
  3. sprout99

    sprout99 Member

    see this .......


    our car does funny things too.

    like - while accelerating gently it does a funny shuffle of gears as if it doesn't know what gear it wants but it only happens about 30mph.(bit like a little miss)

    And as attached - the random stalling and lumpy tick over
  4. ashurz

    ashurz New Member

    i've read a lot about a lamba sensor .. ? it seems as simple as a sensor is out (mixture of fuel just not right)

    Anyone any knowledge on these sensors and could it cause these symptoms.
    The car is still fine to drive, just annoying as i want it perfect :)

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