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Does VW count towards full Audi service history?

Grangey. Sep 26, 2011

  1. Grangey.

    Grangey. Member

    Hi all,

    Well my 1.9 is due a service and I was just looking in to book it with my Audi dealer as I thought my car had a full Audi service history, however after checking the manual the services have been done between Audi and VW garages. Now I take "full audi history" as just that, but as Audi is part of VW I wondered if services done by a VW garage still count??

    The stamps are blue with the VW logo but can't quite make out the dealership info so I don't know if there's a change there are "VW/Audi dealerships with only one type of stamp.

    On a side note with the above in mind does anyone know if I would still quality for the free MOT offer?

  2. Mike B

    Mike B Well-Known Member

    Ask yuor local Audi dealer but I would think a VW service is the same as an inde cos they dont have the same training

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