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Does this sound right to you?

RyanS3TT Jun 26, 2010

  1. RyanS3TT

    RyanS3TT Member

    Hello Everyone,

    Recently I got the feel that my clutch was slipping in 4th and 5th, so I bought a new clutch and flywheel and was going to be fitting today,

    earlier this week i got a misfire on cylinder number 3, which wasnt the collpack.

    Because my AGU is an older type i was told it was my ignition amplifier (control module on the airbox, which was filthy so I cleaned it up, and now there is no misfire, and no slippping of the clucth.

    Anyone think this sounds right? like maybe the control module was cutting power in and out? and making my car feel like the clutch was slipping?

    Any help would be nice, as ive now got a g60 flywheel and VR6 clutch i dont know whether to fit or not :)

    Thanks in advnace.
  2. RyanS3TT

    RyanS3TT Member

  3. S3KO4

    S3KO4 Member

    Maybe possible! but i would give it a week and see how it behaves, if the problem returns then go for the replacement. after all replacing it would not be no where near as hard as doing one on the S3. only you would know how your car feels. I replaced mine 2 weeks ago, because I had the engine out which was faultless. and the choice of the vr6 and G60 is the best choices.
  4. Welly

    Welly VX220 SC Driver :)


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