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Does this sound like a coilpack problem?

christinho Apr 19, 2009

  1. christinho

    christinho New Member


    Tried getting a fault read out from my 97 a3 and for some reason it refuses to connect or is incompatible with OBD2 for some reason, so im playing a guessing game at the moment with an ongoing issue im having...

    The car is lumpy at idle and, although it's not always noticeable, a slight dip in power can be felt when accelerating at high speeds. It's most noticeable when the car is starting, it'll sometimes take 2 goes to get it started. It doesnt come and go, a misfire is always there come rain or shine...

    My mate suggested it may be a coilpack problem (coolant temp sensor, ht leads and spark plugs all being replaced previously in vain to try and sort it out), just wanted a few more opinions before I go chucking any more money at it.

    Does this sound like a coilpack problem to anybody else or is it something else? Any replys are greatly appreciated as im at the end of my tether lol

  2. abdus

    abdus Top Gear VCDS Map User

    what car is it? engine?

    I think you need to run a proper vagcom scan before starting to buy any new items and replacing everything
  3. christinho

    christinho New Member

    1.6 AKL engine..

    I have tried connecting vagcom and other diagnosis tools from snap on etc. and nothing wants to know for some reason...


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