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DOES RNS-E PLAY DVDS? or can it?

CHRISS3 Sep 10, 2006

  1. CHRISS3

    CHRISS3 Member

    Hi all ive been looking at the rns-e's on ebay for my 51 plate s3, ive found one guy that does it for 475 but im abit weary as some of his feedback say's that the navigation doesnt work, has anyone bought any off ebay?

    also im getting the plug and play connector and gps anttenna is that everything i am going to need? does anyone know if a sub could be connected to it as i do not have bose,

    also how about the features that the rns-e has eg watts, output, equalisers?

    thanks very much

  2. The911SC

    The911SC Active Member

    RNS-E does not play DVD's or have an aux input easily accessable. There are adapters available from Germany made by Dietz but you will then need a DVD player as input.
    Your S3 will already have a sub installed(in the boot on the left hand side).

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