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Does Quattro reduce 'final power to wheels'?

DarkBunny Aug 7, 2013

  1. DarkBunny

    DarkBunny Active Member Team Sprint Audi S3

    Just wondering if this is the case? On my previous AWD motor there was a certain amount of BHP loss by the time it gets from the engine to the tarmac (as it's going through multiple wheels, driveshafts, diffs etc.)

    Just wondering as I feel my 170 perhaps isn't quite as nippy as other 170s that are just FWD... Mine certainly does better off the mark and round corners though!

    Thoughts welcome thanks.
  2. k1ano

    k1ano Member

    If it is engaged there will be some reduction from flywheel horsepower down to wheel horsepower but don't forget you get transmission losses through the gearbox and diffs etc. so even in FWD mode you will always get a difference between flywheel and wheel horsepower anyway ...Martin
  3. DarkBunny

    DarkBunny Active Member Team Sprint Audi S3

    That's what I thought, just didn't how much to expect in losses.

    My old motor had figures banded around of nearly 25% power loss by the time it hit the tarmac! :crying:
  4. sportquattro

    sportquattro Active Member

    You will suffer transmission losses and also it will feel slower due to the extra weight of the quattro system
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