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Does Engine Look Okay? :/

BradA3G Apr 4, 2014

  1. BradA3G

    BradA3G Audi A3 1.6 SE

    Right, my A3 drives beautifully but i cant help but notice that the engine looks like its moving too much and there is whurring noise when idling which i cant figure out (could be alternator)

    I suspect it might be engine mounts but i really dont know

    its just done over 125,000

    DSC_0004[1].jpg DSC_0005[1].jpg DSC_0006[1].jpg DSC_0007[1].jpg DSC_0008[1].jpg DSC_0009[1].jpg
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    A3 engines flap about all over the place, so the movement you are seeing could be normal.

    Are you getting any knocking when accelerating at low speeds? This is usually a good sign of your mounts being knackered.
  3. maikysupra

    maikysupra Active Member

    It might be the DMF on the way out. The noise and occasional rough engine movement when idling was exactly what I was experiencing with my 2.0tdi at 118k when my DMF started to go... They usually last about 50k anyway so getting anything over 100k on the original one was a nice bonus tbh..
  4. BradA3G

    BradA3G Audi A3 1.6 SE

    not that i know of, but it just seems weird, the air filter box shakes badly (could just need tightening up..) and that strange whurring noise which gets louder and quieter on idle... you can hear it when you stand by the front of the grill, it sounds like alternator but i don't think it is or else i would be having electrical problems, i know couple of days ago i washed my car and it took 3 tries to get it to start, but this is irrelevant as my car has been shaky since i brought it, you can feel the shake when your in the driving seat, i don't know what it is -_-

    also this shakes bad "pictured"

    and makiysupra i thought it could be this but the noise and movement doesn't change when i press the clutch down at all.

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