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Does Audi Bluetooth only work with an Audi Head Unit??

dalepearson May 30, 2011

  1. dalepearson

    dalepearson Member

    Evening All,

    my car currently has the concert headunit and Bluetooth and the MFSW.
    Is the bluetooth linked with the headunit some how?

    Basically if I replace my current head unit with something non Audi will the bluetooth car kit still function?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. dalepearson

    dalepearson Member

    I assume no one has done this then??
  3. s8craig

    s8craig Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    The Audi system mutes the radio over can bus, so you may need to find the bluetooth ECU and run the mute wire from it to your new HU for the mute to function.

    Also the telephone audio from the Audi bluetooth goes into the Audi radio, so I'm not sure how you would get that to work. It might work just connected to a mobile phone speaker, but never tried it and I don't know what level the signal is, line or speaker level.

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