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Does anyone tow using dedicated electrics?

.Jas. Sep 13, 2013

  1. .Jas.

    .Jas. Member

    I'm looking at getting a tow bar fitted, but am unsure if I need dedicated electrics or not. I know they cost more, and provide a link with the cars ECU, but for what benefit?

    I have a 2007 A4 3.0 tdi, I don't have reverse parking sensors nor cruise control. These sometimes get mentioned in the dedicated electrics benefits. Is it worth the extra hundred quid?
  2. adcooper

    adcooper Audi A6 C6 Avant 3.0tdi Le Mans S-Line

    I had the oem set fitted a few weeks ago, It all works very well but not sure if it changes any settings other than turning the pdc off. I got it in case as the caravan has idc so thought it would be best.

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