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Does any body on here recognise this A6 ?

chris1008 Jun 7, 2012

  1. chris1008

    chris1008 Member

    Just wondering if anyone on here owns or recognises this A6 Avant, 1.9 tdi. used to be my dad's for about 5 1/2 years until late 2009, dvla showing it's still going. Was a good bus while we had it, traded it in at Audi with 179k on the clock in 2009. Would just be nice to here from anyone who owns it now or whatever. Just noticed the black mark on the reg plate from when he hit a lorry tyre on the motorway causing the front of the car to lift off the ground ! (the bumper on the mondeo in front went everywere before he hit it,the audi came off with just a scuff :icon_thumright: ) Still got the new front plate in the garage which he never got round to fitting haha



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