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Dodgy MAF?

Joe1.8T Jul 14, 2011

  1. Joe1.8T

    Joe1.8T New Member

    Hi guys, having a bit of trouble with my a3, wonder if anyone can help...

    Car was running fine up until a few days ago. parked it up late at night and all was well, when i started car the next afternoon, the Engine spluttered a bit on tick-over and Stalled... Restarted and Engine wouldn't run without keeping the revs up, even with the revs up it was misfiring a little.

    Anyway, i suspected the MAF, as i have not long ago changed the plugs (i felt the car was down on power a little) and the leads/coils appear to be in good condition (cant tell too much visually i know) so i unplugged the MAF.

    With the MAF unplugged the car runs fine alas very rich with a very flat powerband, I did a bit of digging and im assuming this is just a baseline map the ECU reverts to with the sensor unplugged, I Tried giving the MAF a clean in iso-alcohol with no joy, as soon as i plug the MAF in the car splutters and cuts out again, all connections seem fine with no oxidisation.

    It would appear that i have found the problem, but i just wanted to check if theres any other variables i should take into account before swapping the MAF as im a bit short on cash at the moment! haha

    Any Help Appreciated
    Joe :salute:
  2. DenCar

    DenCar Member

    Yeah sounds like the MAF has gone walkies, but get someone with VAG-Com (VCDS) to read any error codes first, before buying a new MAF.

  3. Joe1.8T

    Joe1.8T New Member

    Thanks for the reply Den, Il do just that! :thumbsup:

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