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dodge HPI report

potter Mar 14, 2008

  1. potter

    potter Member

    Been looking at something to replace the s3 i just sold.

    Rang a guy bout an celica GT4 he said it was mint condition all paper work present and hpi clear as they all do.

    i got VRM off him to hpi it before, i went to see it he said it would come back clean and was happy for me to check it.

    There was a strange plate transfer.

    current plate transferred to vechicle 21/02/2005

    different plate was applied to vechicle on 10/01/2002 this plate has been recorded as being wriiten off.
    The insurance write off was recorded on 06/08/2000 against a ford fiesta

    Then says the current reg was also applied to vechicle on 01/09/2002

    I always thought to do a plate change both cars need to have an m.o.t surely not possible if the fiesta was a write off.

    just thought you guys might be able to shed some light on what it might be all about.

    No i didnt bother going to look at it.
  2. alijames

    alijames Active Member


    Sounds OK. You can keep a cherished plate that was on a written off car without applying it to another car, but only for a year, unless you pay £25 to extend the entitlement for another year and so on.

    Check out

    http://www.dvlaregistrations.co.uk/home/en/FAQ/ for more

  3. marriedblonde

    marriedblonde Active Member

    If you write your car off you can still get do a plate transfer.

    Although from the sounds of it he isn;t the best driver in the world...


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