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Do i need to top up the oil???

chiefwiggumpi Jan 9, 2011

  1. chiefwiggumpi

    chiefwiggumpi Member

    Might sound an obvious question but was checking my 59 plate A3 SB 2.0tdi Sport oil level today......something i have to confess i rarely do. Anyway the dipstick i find very hard to read its a plastic ended daft design that i cant make out whether it needs oil in. Followed handbook clean dipstick dry insert take out and its showing oil along the length of it to the max level i think?? By that i mean it had black oil in various spots up to the max

    Its hard to describe probably a pic would be better but i filled up to with 250ml just in case i was reading the level wrong. I cant believe im posting about the most obvious basic thing but my mate popped down with his 60plate Golf Gti...first i was surprised over the amount of same parts but his dipstick is obvious to read just like my wifes fiesta...metal end thats bent and oil stays on the metal upto the level.....obvious....dont like this plastic audi one..is it me or had anyone else scratched their head??

    Also if it ever is on min will the DIS show this on my model???

  2. paddy

    paddy Audi=No fault code, no idea Team Ibis Audi S3 Black Edition DSG

    You will get a low warning light/sign in the Dis.
    I know what you mean, its almost like the plastic end repels oil :)..lol You never know if the oil on the end has been picked up off the tube as you pull the stick out or if its a true reading. do not over fill it though. 250ml will be ok but no more !
  3. chiefwiggumpi

    chiefwiggumpi Member

    Exactly cheers Paddy thats exactly it its like plastic and oil is a **** combination....im pretty certain its level is okay as it actually goes up albeit intermitently along the length so im sure if it was min a) the dis would tell me and b) i would see some oil at the base of the dipstick and no higher....its only done 10k so i hope it will be fine till ist first service! Going to post another thread on delivery times as im thinking of swpping it in one last time only had this one 18 mnths and ive talked wife into letting me have one more nice car but this time i have to keep it for a few years apparently a new house takes priority??!!!!
  4. Jonay

    Jonay Member

    Newer diesel engines are designed to actually burn oil. So you better check your oil more often. Normally needs a topup about every 8weeks, then again I do about 4000mi that time...

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