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Do I need to reset the ECU???

imported_razputin Feb 15, 2005

  1. I have had problems with my A3 1.6 SE when the engine has been idle, constantly dropping rev's etc. All the same problems that most of you guy's seem to have had at some stage or another. Have replaced the MAF, which has helped a bit, & intend cleaning out a lot of the ducts/pipework surrounding the MAF on the weekend. I'm also going to try cleaning the throttle body which I've heard may also help fix my idling problem. Any how, was wondering if I do complete all this work, will I need to reset the ECU or should it automatically adjust itself?

    Would this be the correct procedure to (hopefully) fix my idling problem?

    Ps. Is the throttle easy to remove/reinstall?

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  2. Masterm8fo

    Masterm8fo Warmonger

    reseting the ECU only means disconnecting the battery for say 1/2 hour
    would not hurt if u are carrying out some work

    had my throttle body cleaned at dealer and it made the idle much much better - mine was hunting and revs cutting off when braking approaching junctions

    i am told my MAF still has a few faults and will need replacing but have not seen them re-appear yet so fingers crossed (the MAF is notorious in VAG engine )

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