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Do I have a Good warrantydirect.co.uk Deal ?

J.R. Oct 1, 2011

  1. J.R.

    J.R. "Started From The Bottom" VCDS Map User

    I've been with warrantydirect.co.uk for about 4 months now ....and it wasn't until last week where I wanted to stop the warranty as I thought it wasn't really that good of an deal.

    This was the deal I had :

    All internally lubricated parts, including but not
    exclusive to the following: cam followers, camshaft
    bearings, camshaft/s, connecting rods and bearings,
    crankshaft and bearings, cylinder bores, cylinder head,
    cylinder liners, distributor drive, gudgeon pins, liner
    seals, oil pump and drive, piston rings, pistons, rocker
    gear/ tappet gear, timing chain and timing chain
    tensioner, valve guides, valve springs, valves (excl.
    decarbonisation, burnt or pitted valves and valve
    seats), cylinder block, internal bushings, rear main seal
    Specified non-lubricated parts: cylinder head gasket,
    exhaust manifolds, flex plate/ auto drive plate, inlet
    manifolds, timing gears, cambelt and cambelt
    tensioner, crankshaft pulley, flywheel, ring gear, starter
    ring gear.

    Intercooler, turbocharger, wastegate and actuator

    Clutch cable, master cylinder, pedal assembly,
    slave cylinder

    Manual transmission
    Bearings, bushes, extension shaft, gears, selector shafts
    and forks, shafts, synchromesh hubs and rings, drive
    chains, gearlever

    Automatic transmission
    Automatic transmission clutches, bearings, brake
    bands, bushes, extension shaft, gears, internal
    governor (manual and electric), oil pump, servos,
    shafts, torque converter, valve block, valves, drive
    chains, gearlever, input shaft oil seal, modulator valve

    Front Wheel Drive Unit
    Bushes and internal bearings, C.V. joints, crown wheel
    and pinion, differential gears and bearings, external
    drive shafts, front wheel bearings, universal joints,
    drive flange, hubs, rubber boots

    Rear axle
    Bushes and internal bearings, C.V. joints, crown wheel
    and pinion, differential gears and bearings, external
    drive shafts, rear wheel bearings, drive flange, hubs,
    rubber boots

    Four Wheel Drive System
    Bushes and internal bearings, C.V. joints, couplings,
    front differential, inter-axle differential and lock, rear
    differential and lock, shafts, drive flange, hubs, rubber

    Centre bearings, universal joints, propshaft

    Bushes, pump, regulator valve, reservoir, self levelling
    suspension unit, shock absorbers/ dampers, spheres,
    springs, upper and lower wishbones/ control arms

    Engine ECU, all other ECUs.

    Braking System
    Brake servo unit, calipers, brake master cylinder, wheel
    cylinders, brake pedal assembly, diesel vacuum pump,
    handbrake control cables and linkages, pressure
    regulator, self-adjusting mechanisms

    ABS pressure reducing and proportioning valves, ABS
    pump and control unit, ABS sensors

    Cooling System
    Heater matrix, radiator, thermostat, thermostat
    housing, viscous fan coupling, water pump,
    engine oil cooler, temperature gauge.

    Column shaft, couplings, idler box, power steering unit
    including pump, pressure pipes, rack and pinion,
    reservoir, steering box, steering column tilt
    mechanism, track rods/ track rod ends

    Fuel System
    Airflow meter, cold start injector, diesel injectors, fuel
    distributor, fuel gauge, injection pumps, low pressure
    pumps, petrol injectors, tank sender unit, warm-up
    regulator, electromagnetic cut-off, fuel injector cooling
    system, glow plugs, overrun cut-off valve, pressure
    regulator, sensors, throttle body, barometric pressure
    sensor, fuel temperature sensor, intake air temperature
    sensor, manifold air pressure (MAP) sensor, mass air
    flow sensor, throttle body assembly (MFI)

    Electronic Ignition
    Camshaft sensor, crankshaft sensor, ignition coils

    Air Conditioning
    Air conditioning compressor pump, condenser,
    evaporator, fan control and sensors, magnetic clutch,
    refrigerant valves, reservoir, sensors

    Alternator, alternator voltage regulator, engine cooling
    fan motor, electric window motors, front windscreen
    wiper motor, rear windscreen wiper motor, interior
    cabin fan motor, horn, indicator flasher unit, starter
    motor, central locking solenoids and motors, cruise
    control unit, electric door mirror motors, aerial motor,
    electric sunroof motors, headlamp adjustor motors,
    relays, rev counter

    Tailgate suspension struts

    Casings are covered provided they have been
    damaged as a direct result of the covered failure of an
    insured part

    Alarm systems and immobilisers
    Alarm systems and immobilisers are covered provided
    they were factory fitted by the vehicle manufacturer
    as part of the vehicle’s original specification.

    Oil Seals and Gaskets
    Oil leaks that necessitate the removal of the engine,
    gearbox/ drive unit, driveshaft or differential unit to
    carry out repairs.

    Labour is all paid by them .....and I only have to pay for 50% of the parts.

    They rang my up yesterday to give me a better deal .....which was :

    The removal of £50.00 excess

    I'm now able to source my own parts for a claim. This is on the condition you keep the proof of purchase and still get them fitted at a VAT registered garage. (page 11, section 3 of your policy document will still apply).

    My monthly outgoing to pay for this ain't dropped thou.....I pay £38.60 Every month.

    So guys do you think this is a good deal :uhm:

    As I'm now able to source any part from anywhere and supply the garage to fit it so it would be cheaper for me instead of the garage buying some expensive part that would cost me a bit more.

    So all I have to pay for is 50% of the part and I can source the part myself.
  2. Hendo

    Hendo Member

    In a word no! Maybe that's just me or it depends on how hard you drive the car!!
  3. mike foster

    mike foster Fossie VCDS Map User

    Can't really comment on your deal but my WD insurance costs about £300 a year for my 2006 Sportback with 75k.

    New turbo with all the bits etc. cost me £200 nett and they paid up in 5 days ( I had to pay garage first )

    For peace of mind I can't fault it.
  4. hondansxr

    hondansxr New Member

    dependant on age miles i can get warranties from 3 mths -lifetime from £100 - £575 one off payment
    does have stipulations i.e 4 wheel drive s models etc
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