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do i have a bose stereo ?

bigdavie Nov 17, 2007

  1. bigdavie

    bigdavie please speak slowly so i'll understand !

    it says its a symphony (i think !) on the front tape ! slot but does not say bose anywhere on the unit ?

    it sounds great dont get me wrong but if its not a bose then i wont have any qualms about ripping it and the cd changer out for a more up to date unit .

    btw if it is a bose unit ... will it play mp3 / wma cd's ?

  2. mattfinn

    mattfinn There ain't no party like an S-Club Party.

    if you have Bose it will have Bose on your speaker grilles.
  3. AJO

    AJO Member

    Correct it will also say BOSE when you turn the unit on......

    You more than likely half a half amped system.... with the rear speakers amped up and a sub in the boot.
  4. bigdavie

    bigdavie please speak slowly so i'll understand !

    ah ! i dont have a bose then !
    it doesnt say bose when it powers up ! downer ! oh well need to look out for a decent mp3 /wma player !

    cheers folks !
  5. maxlbrown

    maxlbrown Deep Blue

    I wouldn't be too upset a few threads on here actually say that the bose system is a down on base response. I have to say I test drove two cars before I bought my a6 1 with bose and one without and I prefered the sound of the one without. it seemed a clearer sound and more adjustable. all the bose is is apower amp and different speakers which are not interchangeable else the sonics suffer badly anyway the input is the same on both systems either symphony or concerts head units just cause theysay bose when you power up means nothing to the head unit this configured in a secret menu on the head unit.

    But like all things its individual taste. there your ears you put in what sounds good to you.

    Good luck
  6. bigdavie

    bigdavie please speak slowly so i'll understand !

    lol yeah i know what you mean !
    just i spent 1200 pounds on an alpine top end stereo for my last car i was kinda expecting a wow factor from the bose !
    i was sold the car on the premise it had a bose system !
    my bad for not checking ! must say i do miss my alpine !

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