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DMF help please

panamadi May 13, 2010

  1. panamadi

    panamadi Strider

    Hi guys I ran a search on this but had no joy-(i'm sure the search function is a bit dodgy since the facelifted site..)

    I suspect my DMF's on its way out (07 S3 45k miles) and my warranty expires in 2/12 so I need as much info as possible to combat the expected fob-off by the dealers.

    If the car is idling and I rest my foot on the pedal there is a noticeable but not overly excessive vibration under my foot. Occaisionally on cold starting there is also quite a bit of engine shudder almost to the point of the engine not starting (sorry I can't describe it any better than this).
    My clutch has also started to slip on 4th under hard acceleration.

    Could anyone shed some light on these symptoms and whther they are likely to be down to the DMF?

    Thanks guys
  2. SAiLO

    SAiLO Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

  3. Paul Laird

    Paul Laird Member

    Same as mine m8, i went to ayr audi lastwk and told them i was haveing the same problems listed above, they had a look at it and said yeah the gearbox will need to come out, " it could be a flywheel or gearbox problem" he told me, mines is 2008 S3 8p 23k on the clock, so its goin in this monday to get the box out, he told me he would order in a new dmf, so they had the part in stock, so this tells me he knows the dmf is gone bec they wouldnt take the gearbox out to fit nothing bec audi wouldnt pay them!! well this is how it would work in my work as i have been i ford tech for 6year
  4. Paul Laird

    Paul Laird Member

    Hey get my car bk 2moz, ayr audi fitted a new clutch and flywheel under warranty , so they tell me the faults fixed

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