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  1. Bailey

    Bailey Member

  2. unkle

    unkle Beer God

    Anyone got their hands on the Pioneer CDJ 2000's yet?
  3. diffas

    diffas Member

    I have played with those CDJ2000 several times now. Best damn players there are available atm.

    But myself is more after oldschool feeling - less is more. :)

    current setup:
    1xVestax mixer
    1xHP laptop
  4. gizze

    gizze Member

    Nice to see some 1200s.

    It is funny looking back at this thread, I am now using Serato Itch with an Allen & Heath Xone: DX and love it, tried Traktor for a bit and didn't really like it, then tried the CDJ2000s out and really wanted them, first CDJ I have liked and these are something else, but you are looking at £4500 all in and just too much for me.
    Then was told to try Itch if I liked the CDJ2000s and Rekordbox, and I did and I love it. Has a real simple feel to it and feels like back to basics mixing again.

    Also, what I was saying about Sasha earlier in the thread is interesting, as the stuff he has been playing this year is absolutely back on form, some of the best dance music I have ever heard, I just love it.

    His Ibiza sets and his set at Fabric were sublime, and then at Ministry in December was just unreal, back to basics proper house with a twist. Superb!

    Here is a link to my soundcloud page......

    Guy Middleton's sounds on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free
  5. IGI

    IGI Member

    First time ive noticed this dj section and as a fellow dj i thought id post and say hi.....im defo still old school although i did treat myself to some newer 1210's a few years back my setup..
    2x Technics 1210 mk5 g
    Vestax PCV 275
    Roland 307
    also have midi keyboard, Reason 4 and Rebirth
    2000+ records mainly tunes from the 90's dnb, techno in its various forms and hardcore. I have logged most of my tunes on discogs if anyone wants a peek.
    Have to say i dont get much time on the decks these days and my mixing has got a wee bit rusty lol :)
  6. Smokey_clark

    Smokey_clark 12th Gear

    Good to see i'm not the only one still using the traditional methods!
    2 x Stanton Str8-150s
    Pioneer DJM 800 mixer
    Korg Kaossilater + Mini Kaoss Pad
    I got Ableton, Reason and this other Dj studio trial thing which never ran out!
    Don't have the money to buy decent enough CD Decks to warrant switching to MP3 yet.
    I'm pretty interested in the time code vinyl set ups if anyone can recommend a decent one?!

    Forgot to say i play mainly DnB and dubstep but i got plenty of oldskool, funky house and electro!:rockwoot:
    Last edited: Jan 4, 2011
  7. Welly

    Welly VX220 SC Driver :)

    Same here. I gave it up a long time ago now sadly as simply haven't got the time for it. I've still got my very first decks and mixer up in the loft I keep for nostalgia purposes.

    2 x Numark T100s and a Vestax PCV275.

    I too have a stack of Hardcore vinyl, as I sold the rest. The hardcore was always the most fun to mix with, and I have tons of limited edition vinyls from 1995 to about 2000 - happy days.... :D
  8. GeneralWest

    GeneralWest Member

    I had a a pair of SL1210's and a Citronic Mixer, which I sold a couple of months ago along with all my old jungle tunes, because I hardly ever used them. Now I kind of wish I hadn't let them go, but if I'm honest with myself I was rubbish at mixing so it's probably for the best.
  9. Stampie

    Stampie Member

    Lovely setups guys :drool:

    2x CDJ400's
    1x DJM600
    1x Crest Audio CA9 power amp
    1 pair of Cerwin Vega V252 speakers
    Use a laptop hooked thro the Pioneers and a mind HDD stacked with 50,000 tunes!!

    Unfortunatly my kit gets roaded so no chance of a custom setup like yours, Maybe when I'm old:haha:
  10. lincoln_dj

    lincoln_dj Active Member VCDS Map User

    well my setup is looking pretty pathetic compared to all these!!!

    at home i just use an American Audio VMS4 controller with laptop, and CDJ1000s with xone 62 in the club (or 800s depending where i'm playing) but generally stick to the VMS4 nowadays.

    a lot of people still think it's cheating, for example my mates always say "yeah just use the sync button" to which i invite them to try their own mix with the sync button and they always fail! DJ'ing isn't just about beat matching, as anything a computer can do for you is just maths... ;) a computer cant decide when to loop, use effect, lump acapellas over stuff etc, it cant throw in a sure-fire banger when it sees a dance floor emptying.

    a wise man once said "it's not about HOW you do it, but WHY you do it..."

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