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DIY wheel allignment

steve bain Apr 1, 2011

  1. steve bain

    steve bain Member

    evening all. good to see forum back up!

    i had 30 min spare so decided to do some DIY wheel allignment. As i have replaced loads of bushes, lowered and stuff i decided to give it a go as was not keen to pay the £25 odd the garages want when my ride height may get lower yet.

    I followed this guide and took about 30min - 1hr and did it on my drive.

    to be fair it has to be better as both wheels had around 2mm differnce caused by the lowering. anyway steering wheel now centres correctly and car doesn't pull one way then the other. it drives as it should.

    So just a heads up really for anyone wanting to try it out.

    i used engine oil bottles and axle stands to hold the string


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