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Diversity assistance

alistairm1 May 21, 2010

  1. alistairm1

    alistairm1 Active Member

    I need some assistance with getting my SatNav traffic alerts working in my 2010 A3 sportback.
    I don't have RNS-e, and being a company car I am not in a position to fit one .:crying:
    I need to get a feed from the radio aerial to the satnav so that the alerts will work. The other option is to have a cable dangling round the rear view mirror, which I'm not too happy with.
    The car has a Concert audio fitted with a diversity aerial. Is there a way of taking a feed from that to go to the satnav?

    I have tried searching, but didn't find what I was looking for (but I may not have looked hard enough :blush:)

    Any assistance gratefully received

  2. Gti Jazz Blue

    Gti Jazz Blue Active Member VCDS Map User

    Can't answer on spliting the cable, but the other option is to hide the satnav aerial behind the A pillar trims, they just unclip, that is where the aerial for the traffic module on my TomTom One is.

  3. alistairm1

    alistairm1 Active Member

    Thanks. That's an option I hadn't considered.

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