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Discussion time! Moving from Shark stage 1 to Revo stage 1 (with linear throttle map)

RPB Dec 27, 2013

  1. RPB

    RPB Active Member Team Ibis Audi S3 Black Edition DSG

    Anyone here got the Revo linear throttle map? Whats it feel like under normal road driving?
    Seeing as Revo have a nice 35% discount if you swap to them I am a little tempted.
    Don't get me wrong, I have not found anything wrong with my Shark map that makes me want to swap, lets get that straight now.
    I dont intend to start a dissing war between mappers.
    I am wondering what the linear throttle map may well be like as much as I wonder what their Revo map is like also.
  2. JJ.Foulds

    JJ.Foulds Well-Known Member

    this is going great!... :p
  3. RPB

    RPB Active Member Team Ibis Audi S3 Black Edition DSG

    LOL, you almost started a discussion there!
    sliced likes this.
  4. Marshy

    Marshy Settled in Audi RS3

    I'd been looking on the the Revo site earlier today and if I managed to get the 35% off it works out about £390 which is extremely cheap for Revo.

    The reason I thought about the linear map was on stage 1 I maybe able to run standard clutch instead of the massive thump of power killing my clutch.
  5. buz

    buz Flat out

    Sorry I can't comment on Revo's linear map but I do have R Tech's linear stage 1 map and I can't imagine it would be too different. I am now running 309bhp with 359ft/lb torque which is delivered very smoothly from 3k revs onwards. It performs similar to standard low down but once it starts revving it constantly pulls right through the range. To be honest it doesn't feel instantly quick as no sudden kick in the back acceleration but a glance at the speedo and you realise its bloody rapid and dispenses any overtake with ease. It suits my driving style perfectly and with any luck will prolong my clutches life span so I'd highly recommend it!
  6. steviedee

    steviedee Member

    I have the Revo Linear throttle map (stage 2), at first it felt weird having to press the throttle further to make it go but now I prefer it! its much easier to drive at normal speeds.

    You still get thumped into the seat when you push the throttle to the floor though! its only the throttle position that changes with the linear map.
  7. furlong1909

    furlong1909 Member

    i've had the linear stage one revo map for a week now and i really like it, driving around town or 40mph zones is pretty much as standard until you go past 3/3.5k revs then it keeps on pulling without a ridiculous amount of boost!
  8. JoeS3

    JoeS3 Member

    completely recommend it. had it for about a year on my leon cupra r.
    As said above, its the throttle position thats changed - If you want 10% throttle, thats what it gives you. if you want 60%, thats what it gives you. so much more control over your power.
    the previous revo map just gave you one massive thump at around 60-70% throttle, nothing before......kinda rubbish.

    will wait for about 6 months before getting it done on my S3.
  9. RPB

    RPB Active Member Team Ibis Audi S3 Black Edition DSG

    JoeS3, why are you waiting? lol. Go 'get her done!'
  10. JoeS3

    JoeS3 Member

    haha, ive only had the S3 for about a month now.

    im gonna let myself get bored then attack revo in spring/summer :)
  11. NKenny

    NKenny Member

    Correct me if I'm wrong but I thought linear map was to do with throttle % vs accelerator pedal position rather than power/torque through the rev range? It is mainly for track days or those who like to balance the throttle through corners etc as most road car throttle response is exponential, linear is as it says on the tin.

    I have revo stage 1 and I asked the tuner for progressive acceleration rather than a lump in the middle of the rev range for more drivability and to save the clutch. It took a bit of extra test runs and logging but I have a good map now and have been running stock clutch for 1 1/2 years since. I also have SPS but do not know the settings inputted off the top of my head.

    In my opinion the tuner and logging runs are just as important as the base map whether it be revo or other to get things right for your particular car/driving style. I've had a play with settings through the SPS and increased boost just to see what it was like but always go back to what was set on the logging runs.

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