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Discs and pads question

gkf9 Apr 28, 2012

  1. gkf9

    gkf9 Member

    Well since I've had my car and in the life of the car before I owned it, I don't think it's ever had new discs and pads. I got told I could do with new discs on the front at the last service due to a deep groove, been told the pads only have 25% left on them.

    So thought it would be a good time to replace all pads and discs whilst ECP have 30% off!
    Providing I can get a garage to fit them ( I don't want to do this myself ).

    Am I right going off the part stickys that my a4 1.9tdi as 288 mm discs on the front and 245mm on the rear?

    And I will need the pads for the front with the wear detecter wire things?
    I put my reg into the ECP website and it comes up with two different size discs for both front and rear?

    So just wanted to double check before I go ahead and order.

    Thanks inadvance.
  2. Mike B

    Mike B Well-Known Member

    I think there are 2 types of caliper and you will need to check the make.Parts are always good and cheap online so why waste the wear left ?Garages are always full of scare stories about brakes cos its easy money to fit .You can save loads by DIY
  3. Davros

    Davros New Member

    Two types of Caliper even tho the pads are the same the shoulders are different, dont run into a garage do it your self, all depends on budget you have ie upgrade or standard, drilled and grooved far better than standard vented, but as said budget in your pocket.
    Noticed Lancashire on your profile i will help you out dont be paying silly price at a garage :thumbsup:

    These in the picture are 288mm Brembo sport grooved discs Fronts, covered around 1500 miles.

    Last edited: Apr 28, 2012

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