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Discounts & GAP insurance

sunscreemer Dec 3, 2012

  1. sunscreemer

    sunscreemer Back with the 4 rings

    Having been impressed by the new A3 yesterday I still think the price will be too high. Wondered if it's ethical for anyone to share the kind of discounts they've been able to secure? I've put forward a highly specced option, it's not like i'm seeking to drive down a base price. Of course the dealer suggestion is I can save money by removing options - genius huh?

    Also, how many of you opt for GAP insurance when getting finance on the vehicle?
  2. stevey_cam

    stevey_cam Member

    Have a look on drivethedeal.com for an idea on discounts, maybe print it out to show the dealer?
  3. Gordo77

    Gordo77 Well-Known Member Team Navarra Audi S3 Manual

    I'm an existing Audi Solutions customer (own an A1 Sport), and I got a £500 "Audi Loyalty Discount" off the list price. Also managed to push the dealer for further discount.

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