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Discounts Achieved Realistic, Look here...

DaveS3Turbo Mar 14, 2005

  1. DaveS3Turbo

    DaveS3Turbo Sepang Blue S3

    Hi there as you well know i'll be looking to change in July.

    I know about online discounts from drivethedeal & Broadspeed, but is this achievable when buying.
    I know it worked on my grandads VW Polo 1.4 TDi.

    However on drivethedeal you can get £2500 off the car I spec, is this correct on the 2.0 T S-Line Quattro...

    If drivethedeal quote this then i assume its available based on an average, correct me if im wrong.

    David, Please state the discounts you achieved if you wish to share this.
  2. Japper

    Japper Ibis S3 Fan Club

    I think the most realistically for a factory order will be around 8% off total price. So 2.0 TFSI Quattro s-line with a few options, say around 25-26k list would give you a little over 2k discount.
  3. DaveS3Turbo

    DaveS3Turbo Sepang Blue S3

    Thats siunda about right as I was looking at a list price of 27400, with a saving of 2474 which comes to approx 25000. So obviously the more the list is the better discount works out in the end.

    I will be looking at 26400 in total I think with the votex, Just need to wait till end of April to place my order once the hard earned saving and cash has been sorted.

    Question - Regarding Seats in S-Line, Speed Cloth/Leather or full leather. Just opinions on keeping the silver speed cloth clean as this worries me a little.

  4. marriedblonde

    marriedblonde Active Member


    A3boy I think you have to pay extra for delivery from the dealer with drive the deal etc but thats a minor point!!!!!

    I managed to get within £150 of the internet brokers price with my local dealer after they said they don't need to seel cars for those prices. The guy I dealt with did say he could give me £350 discount but not much else. I then explained about the discount available on the web and he asked what discount I wanted to order the car. He went off to speak to his boss and came back with a price that was close enough. But I was in a strong position and I would have walked if they hadn't got close.

    I wold have paid more to have bought the car from a local garage, if you buy from a dealer 100's of miles from you home and you have problems with it (like a scratch or something) trying to get it resolved will cause you major heartache!

  5. Eeef

    Eeef Lord of War

    Portsmouth Audi actually beat the intenet quote I had by about £200. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/beerchug.gif
  6. The list price for my car is £28,117 and I got it for £25,369 with not much effort.
  7. skempster

    skempster Member

    I used drivethedeal for my previous car and was not charged anything for delivery. It was delivered 100mls to my house on the back of a mini transporter.

    As married blonde says, it might be a hassle if there were any scratches or anything wrong with it but I would think that if you spotted these on delivery then your delivering dealer would be happy to confirm the fault to your local dealer so that it can be rectified locally.

    Having had the car delivered 100mls I did check the paintwork thoroughly. It was only when the delivery van had driven off that I discovered that one of the rear speakers was not working and the boot catch was misaligned and wouldn't close properly. All these faults were rectified by my local dealer under warranty a few days later.

    I would have used drivethedeal again for my recent A3 purchase, if the local dealers hadn'y been so keen to match the discount...
  8. wilko

    wilko Top Gear

    My discount came to about £1500 in total.... which was nice lots of free extras!!!

    That was at John Fox in Nottingham!
  9. andyliu007

    andyliu007 New Member

    I agree with MarriedBlonde about the scratches that may incur due to far distance deliveries. But I heard that a few people obtain a printed quote from drive the deal (£30 admin charge applys) and get their local dealer to match it. As dealers want to see quotes in writing before even thinking about matching anything!
  10. The911SC

    The911SC Active Member

    Dealers are offering up to a £3k discount on the 3.2 engined A3 and TT right now which they can pass on to the consumer.
  11. imported_unkle

    imported_unkle Guest

    I know a car broker called EMC that are doing free Sat Nav on any A3 or Golf ordered before the end of the month, they do NATO/military car sales but guess they do regular UK sales as well.

    Their number is 01323739675

    (and no, I dont work for them, I saw their advert in the paper /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif)

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