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Discount on AA Cover

nathanjohns Nov 8, 2005

  1. nathanjohns

    nathanjohns New Member

    As i work for the AA i can give some good staff discount on Breakdown Cover if anyones intrested

    E Mail me for more Details


    Vehicle Based - Just the vehicle is cover for any driver
    Single – you as the driver or passenger in any vehicle
    Joint – you and another person, living at the same address
    Family – two adults and two children under 21 living at the same address

    Option 100 Roadside

    This entitles you to AA Roadside assistance a 1/4 mile from your home address. If the problem is not immediately repairable, you'll be taken home or to the nearest garage, whichever is closest

    Option 200 Roadside and Relay

    As an addition to Roadside, if we can't get a promt local repair then Relay gets you moving. You get transportation of the car,yourself and up to seven passangers to your hame or any single mainland UK destination

    Option 300 Roadside, Relay and Homestart

    As a extension to Roadside and Relay, this option includes all the benefits of option 200 plus homestart, for assistance at your home or within a 1/4 mile of it

    Option 400 Roadside, Relay, Homestart and Relay Plus

    This option gives you all of the above and a extended version of relay cover, offering you a replacment car for up to 48 hours OR overnight accomadation OR onward travel arrangments if a local repair is not possible
    New Promotions

    Free Joint Cover
    25% OFF Any Option
    £57 for Option 200 (normally £75)

    More Info Here http://www.theaa.com/services/breakdowncover/index.jsp
  2. richy

    richy Member

    quick question..

    ive got cover for AA already with my lloydstsb account..

    can i ask.. does this include european cover?
  3. hop2407

    hop2407 Active Member

    Another quick question...... I have been in the AA for nearly 20 years..... any chance of getting some sort of loyalty package....... To be honest I've ony used them 3 or 4 times, but sod's law says if you cancel.......

    Anyway, not really had much out of the AA..... yes they send the booklets through for cheap weekends and access to theme parks etc. but it's the cover that's always handy and fair enough, this year I received complimentary home start which was nice..... so I guess the question is, is this the only kind of thing they offer...

    Secondly I was insured with the AA (for mine and my wifes car) and moved away as they were dearer than Direct Line.... does the membership and the length of time I've been with them have any influence over Car Insurance ?
  4. imported_Nigma

    imported_Nigma Guest

    Bit annoyed really.. just got a renewal notice through the door the other day. Havn't used them at all in the last year and yet im still paying more than it would if I was to sign up from scratch.

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