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Discount on a new A1

gjwell Nov 13, 2011

  1. gjwell

    gjwell Member

    Has anyone managed to get a discount on a new A1. I've managed £550, but most dealers say no there is no discounts available. I got really close to a deal, then the salesman went to see the sales manager and completely backtracked, and said actually no all I can do is throw in the £250 service plan. :( i'd be really interested to hear your views. A4's 10% off easy A1's nothing :(
  2. Trev241

    Trev241 Member

    I only got £100 off my wifes car plus they chucked in the £250 service plan and rubber mat set, they are not giving much away on the A1.
  3. warren_S5

    warren_S5 Moderator Moderator VCDS Map User

    Seems it's that old 'newness' thing. When I ordered my first S3 back in 2006 (the newer 8P version which you could pre-order but had yet to be released in the UK to even test), there was no discount on offer, this time with the new '11 S3 I got 9.5%

    The only real bargaining tool you have is your feet, as if you submit pay they think hey can just carry on in that vein. I'd set a level that you are prepared to pay (a sensible one obviously), and see if they can work a deal using all the usual tat (GAP insurance / wheel cover / service pack etc.) that might meet your needs, save you money in the long run, and not hit them directly too hard in their pocket today.

    Be prepared to walk though, a mate just left a brand new showroom A4 behind in favour of a ..... Lexus is220d (bleugh), because Audi wouldn't come down on the screen price due to the extensive options on the car, and they needed to make their money on it. They were happy to let him walk. Try a few different dealers out, and ones in less properous towns may be prepared to flex further at the end of the month (if targets aren't being met).
  4. gjwell

    gjwell Member

    Thanks for the comments. That is exactly what I did, I walked. I always let the salesman know upfront that I want to put a deposit down today, so they know I'm serious and cut some of the **** out. I managed 10% on my A4 when I bought that, obviously I don't expect that on an A1 but I never pay the full list price when your spending that much money. The annoying thing is they were offering £1000 min trade in last month, but that offer has ended. They also had a stock of 40 discounted new cars, with £1500 of of most of the A1's sadly none close to the configuration I wanted. I think I will wait until nearer Christmas maybe there will be some deals to be had then.
  5. rod4go

    rod4go New Member

    Was offered new 1.2 sport in black for £15k but have settled for ex-demo with 600mls and £2k extras [incl 5yr service pack] for £14,750 - had it for 1 week and v pleased so far!
  6. N8

    N8 Kowalski Details VCDS Map User

    Warren's right.
  7. Agric04

    Agric04 Active Member VCDS Map User

    I've just ordered my A1 2.0 TDI Black Edition and I got £580 off the list price (includes Gap insurance) along with a £750 contribution towards the deposit through Audi Finance which is the current offer running until 31 March 2012 and paint and interior protection thrown in. The 5 year or 50k mile service plan is currently free on the 3dr A1's.

    I was all set to buy an A1 from Lincoln Audi but the sales guy said he wouldn't give me anything off the list price and tried to claim he was throwing in the 5 year service plan as a favour which would save me about £1000 over 4 years...... If the service plan wasn't in the offer it's worth £250 as an option.... currently it's free anyway so he wasn't giving me anything, he was just trying it on or didn't know his facts! Plus he kept adding the Gap insurance into the finance without telling me upfront when we were talking numbers.... that annoyed me!

    In the end I rang around about 4 different dealerships one lunchtime, most said they couldn't discount the A1 but the dealership that falls into my postcode area (which isn't actually my closest dealership) was keen to get my business as they are apparently targeted on sales within their postcode area so it would seem that's worth something to them!

    I did find that the dealerships are very keen to get you to pay a deposit the same day, so be prepared for the pressure! I wasn't going to sign the same day but then they said they'd throw in the paint protection and interior protection if I did so I went for it.

    Just got to wait until 26th May now for it to be built!

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