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Disconnecting the battery

Gazthesparky Dec 16, 2013

  1. Gazthesparky

    Gazthesparky Member VCDS Map User

    I know there is a lot of threads to do with the batteries but just thought it better to get an exact answer to my question

    My car is in storage at the moment due to me not being able to drive at the moment. Hence the battery has gone flat every few weeks I open the Bonet and put a battery charger on the battery for the day. I normally do it every few weeks but I have now left it too long and the battery is completely flat. Nothing works when you put the key in.

    I think I am going to remove the battery from the car and put it on charge in the garage. My concern is I am not sure if I have the code for the radio

    So my question is once I disconnect the battery will the radio be locked and require the code ?

    There is a 4 digit sticker in the Manual but it's just a sticker in the front of the book it doesn't say it's the radio code so I am not certain it is.

    Just wanted someone to confirm what happens to the radio when the battery is disconnected
  2. GeoffDunk

    GeoffDunk Well-Known Member Team Panther Audi RS4 quattro Audi Avant Owner Group

    The sticker might be the code. I recently had a battery swap out and my dead battery was disconected for 2 days because of a supplier issue and I never need to put the code in once it was reconnected.

    I have heard people mention on here once the code is put in orginally its never needed again unless the unit is moved to or from another vehicle. This is true of my RNS-e so far, I purchased it 2nd hand and put the code in 1st power on, battery has been disconnected now 3 times and the code has never needed to be re-entered.

    This is my expereience but I can't garuntee it'll go the same way for yourself.
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  3. SPARTAN91

    SPARTAN91 RED FIVE STANDING BY Regional Rep Team Silver Audi A3 TDi

    Your right the orginally radio is coded to the first vehicle it fitted to so disconecting the battery will not require the radio to be recoded.I change my radio for the RNS-E which again only needed coding on first fitting and came straight back on when I changed my battery last month.

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