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Disconnected egr and engine light came on!

fasttdi May 21, 2008

  1. fasttdi

    fasttdi New Member

    Hi ive recently posted a thread in the 'b6' section relating to a few problems i was having with my 2004 a4 tdi. Im kind of new to this forum and still working my way around

    I disconnected and plugged the egr valve today, drove about 15 miles down the M5 and all of a sudden the engine management light came on.
    Whilst the egr was disconnected it stopped smoking and mis-firing which temporarily sorted the problem but now the engine light is on. Have'nt had a chance to plug in for fault codes yet but can anyone shed some light as to why this has happened? thank you in advance
  2. M7R

    M7R Type Approval Engineer,

    take the egr valve out, its 3 bolts to detach from the inlet manifold. get some brake cleaner and scrape all the soot crud out, once sparkly clean, rebuild, and then take the intercooler out (bumper off for this) and clean that out, brake cleaner filled inside, swished around to clean out the oil, then rebuld.

    rebuild and enjoy

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