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Disappearing-water Part 3

norad97 Nov 14, 2010

  1. norad97

    norad97 Member

    So I bought a new plastic flange and hose for the rear of the head.
    After parting with the cash at the stealers and removed flange and hose i inspected the flange
    but found no crack in it, but the O ring was shaged and it must have been failing.

    Feeding the new hose though the rubber boot is a real bitch,, but did it after a few goes.
    A bit of lube would have helped!!!
    After connecting it all back up,,, no leaks at all so thats good.

    I you buy a flange it comes with the O ring already fitted, this is fitted on the back of the head,
    you still need an O ring for the metal pipe that fits on the right side of the flange.
    (the 2 bolts on the metal pipe are quite short and you expect them to be longer so dont get carried away undoing them or you will drop one)
    Its a fidily job and helps if you have small hands like me,,but still got so cuts and scuffs.
  2. evilscotsman

    evilscotsman Space Cowboy

    aye its a pure tart of a job eh, done mine on the B6...

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