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Disapointing engine sounds

Simon Jan 21, 2003

  1. Simon

    Simon Member

    I was at donnington this sunday as the was a track day and one of my friends was attending. Lots of very nice cars there - plenty of evo's couple of scoobys and escort cosworths, a sweet lotus espirt some race cars a Ferrari 360 and a spanking red RS4.

    watching for the pit wall I was most eager for the 360 and the RS4 to come past, two cars I have never seen or heard being driven 'in anger' in person.

    the ferrari went past first - and I have to say sounded like a cat the had been kicked in the 'nads - then the RS4 shortly after, and this sounded like the engine hadn't been started!

    these are both Iconic cars and although I couldn't tell you exactly what I was expecting - or wanted - to hear I was sort of disapointed with the sound from both of them.

    not like the first time I heard a TVR at full chat or even a Skyline when my grin was so big the top of my head nearly fell off!! /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/laugh.gif

    anyone else come across this or is it just me?


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