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DIS Question

fps_cod Jan 26, 2014

  1. fps_cod

    fps_cod Member

    Hi, i'm looking at buying a 03/04 A3 8P 2.0 TDI

    Looking at them there are a few different types of the DIS.

    I've seen ones that have the fuel warning showing up at the top, then the space is black when not showing and ones that have the radio station shown at the top.

    Can anyone tell me what features are lost/gained on the different models of DIS? Or is it just being able to see the radio station?

  2. dannyh1991uk

    dannyh1991uk Member

    The radio station doesn't show at the top if there is an aftermarket stereo installed (like i have) :(
    But still prefer the bluetooth and other features of the Sony Xplod :)

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