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DIS problem. Any help please

gary3306 Oct 24, 2010

  1. gary3306

    gary3306 Active Member

    Been busy today installing cruise and DIS on my car. All went well, coded up no problems and no fault codes when full scan done at the end, very straightforward. Cruise works 100% as it should. Great :thumbsup:

    HOWEVER......DIS isn't working at all :crying:. Strange thing is, the buttons for DIS on the new stalk must be doing something because if I open the door, the outside temp and DTE display go off, and the car icon with the open door is displayed, now whilst that is displayed, if I now press the rocker switch either way, or the set button on the bottom of the wiper stalk, the car icon goes off and the outside temp and DTE come back on. The steering module is coded as 04041, which is the correct code (the second 4 being the number to enable cruise and board computer). So as far as I can see, the stalk is working and the coding is correct. Any gurus out there can point me in the right direction as to what may be happening (or not, as the case may be).

    Thanks in advance :)

    I've sorted it. What I hadn't done, was go into the Instrument cluster adaptation and changed the coding :banghead:
    I went in and changed it from 30100 to 31200, and bobs your uncle, jobs a good'un. Alls well that ends well :yes:
    Last edited: Oct 24, 2010

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