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DIS or not to DIS this is THE question

imported_G4JSG Sep 2, 2004

  1. imported_G4JSG

    imported_G4JSG Guest

    Just bought my first Audi. It's the A4 TDi 130 Sport, ex demo, on an 04 plate. It has the 6 speed box, Bose sound system and the bodykit..........looks fantastic and drives superb.

    My problem was choosing between the SE and the Sport......I'm a bit sad and found the DIS was great for keeping an eye on the MPG, I do a lot of miles and economy is important.

    So as the Sport doesn't have DIS is there any "special features" that you can acces the DIS software via other buttons?????

    As a side question, what MPG can I expect to get at motorways speeds, around 75 to 80mph? And around town?

  2. MarkyMark

    MarkyMark New Member

    Hi John,

    Welcome to AudiSport.

    Can't help you re the DIS question but like you, was in a quandry between an SE or Sport. Went for the 130 Sport too but it's an early '03 model with the 16" Trapez alloys and no body-kit. It looks better for being a Sport sitting on the lower suspension and it fills the arches a wee bit better than an SE.

    As for MPG, can help you there. Round town we average 41 - 43mpg. Just been on holiday from Edinburgh right down to south coast of Kent on motorway mainly, doing roughly 70-80mph. Averaged 53mpg from two tanks, gives a range of approx 670 miles. Well chuffed with that.

    Enjoy your car, I'm sure you'll love it!

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