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Dirty Scum Bastids

ctd Jun 3, 2013

  1. ctd

    ctd Member

    had my A4 avant stolen on fri/sat night, I haven't had it back long after having a recon engine put in to replace the BLB one that shat itself after the oil pump chain let go
    so the police called today to tell me its been found with minimal damage, when we get to collect it we found damage to the front bumper, all the bottom is cracked and badly scratched, the bumper is pulled away from the wheel arches and is hanging off
    all the underside of the car is badly dented and scratched from what looks like jumping speed bumps, the radiator is cracked and all the coolant has gone, the engine sounds like a bag of spanners in a washing machine, ive never seen so much brake dust on my wheels as is on there now, the front and back wheels are covered in a thick black layer of dusk and the rear off side looks as if they've damaged something else coz it looks like there's brake fluid mixed in the dust. every wheel has been curbed and to add insult to injury they've been smoking inside the car

    Looks like the recon motor could be toast, can't believe I've wasted £2000 on that for nothing....coonts

    and relax
    Last edited: Jun 3, 2013
  2. Molnboman

    Molnboman Well-Known Member

    That's totally not cool....feckin *******os....sow What's the craic now?...i take it an insurance assessor is paying the car a visit shortly. Sorry Man, that's a toughie. Do you mind me asking how they nicked it....did they get the keys?

  3. mikeyboy

    mikeyboy S-line

    Sorry to hear about your car mate. I hope the sumbags that stole it get their comeuppance one day and get bummed in the jail.
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  4. ctd

    ctd Member

    yep broke into the house, lifted ALL the keys they could find then took the A4 and 2 KTM's. they couldn't start one KTM so abandoned it 1/2 mile away from my house covered up at the side of the road, they broke the kick start, they left my Tuono factory and 50cc scooter but took the keys so ive got to change the locks
  5. A4_MaJiK

    A4_MaJiK Azeem

    Stories like these really p*** me off! Sorry to hear about it and all the best with getting it sorted. Hope the scumbags get what they deserve.
  6. jimbooboo

    jimbooboo Member

    After all the damage its a shame they didn't just wrap it around a tree and have done with it and do society a favor. You would have probably been in better standing with insurance..
  7. jdp1962

    jdp1962 Grumpy Old Moderator Staff Member Moderator TFSI Owners Group Team V6 Gold Supporter Team Tornado Audi S4 quattro Black Edition s tronic

    So sorry, ctd. Do you think the car is likely to be reparable? And even if it is, will you still want it?
  8. percymon

    percymon Member

    Sorry to hear the news - sounds like they probably went over a few kerbs, maybe striaght over a roundabout if chased by the rozzers.

    I think I'd be hoping for a write off by the assessor, I can't see they'll want to stump up for unknown engine internal issues.
  9. Joe_Murphy21187

    Joe_Murphy21187 S-Tronic

    Another message of condolences, people make me sick. If they had ever earnt & owned anything worth stealing maybe they would understand just how discusting it is to steal other people's prize possessions. Even worse is the coppers who waste their time in gatso vans fining people for doing 35 in a 30, rather than doing actual police work and catching thieves :busted_cop:

    This is not the first car theft I've heard about... started taking all keys upstairs and putting the house alarm on at night now.

    Hope you either get the car repaired or get a decent pay-out from the insurance and find a nice replacement
  10. dannyboy75

    dannyboy75 Member

    Sorry to hear this. IMO the punishment for stuff like this should be the same as in some arab countries - cut their hands off (and maybe a few other bits too).

    Hopefully every cloud has a silver lining and you end up with an even nicer Audi than the last one :)
  11. ctd

    ctd Member

    thanks guys, still very angry at the mo, don't understand the need to nick something just to smash it up, they got around the ANPR cameras by just changing an F to an E in the reg number, that way it can't be traced and wont flag up as stolen
  12. Chris-Vspec

    Chris-Vspec Member

    here here

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