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Dipped headlight not working

m40rcd Oct 19, 2008

  1. m40rcd

    m40rcd Sunny Delight

    A few weeks ago my near side dipped headlight stopped working. I assumed it was the bulb , and only this week have i managed to get round to sorting it. I bought a pack of two bulbs, to fit but have had no joy when fitted.

    Next i tried the other new bulb but no luck. I looked at the handbook and it says fuse 21 controls the headlight adjustment and the dipped headlight on the left. When i went to look at the fuse there is not a fuse 21 (or fuse 20 for the right hand side) in the car fuse box. They have no connectors fitted, so were never in use.

    Anyone have anyidea what else this could be?

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